Volunteering is an integral part of how our church family lives by God's example. There are many ways to get involved in spreading His word both within our church and through our different outreach programs. Thank you to each and every one of you that choose to share your time with us. Your service is greatly appreciated! Due to the changes in Worshiping during April we will only have a need for Scripture Readers until at least the end of the month. That schedule is listed below. During this time of social distancing please use some of your prayer time to consider other ways that you are being called to help the church. How can you put your gifts and talents to work? Here are a few ideas:
- We are currently looking for two new volunteers to serve the parish family on either our Trustees or Worship Committees.
- We need a chairperson to run the Chicken BBQ or the Yard Party & Auction
- Help with installing flooring in the new Finance room, or refinishing the Youth room.
There is a place for every talent and gift that God has given us. Please contact Pastor Kang if you can help.
05—Julianne Cochran
12—Kathy Starnes
19—Dean Shewbridge
26—Patsy Shewbridge