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4/21/2018 Volunteers Needed

Hello to all,

This is going out to all who are members
or part of our congregation.  We are in need of Scripture Readers. 
We have several volunteers who do a wonderful job for us and we are
grateful.  However, we have recently been advised that a couple of readers
will no longer be able to provide this service.  We are hoping some new
faces will step up and volunteer to read Scripture.  It was a 9 week turn
around (only reading once in 9 weeks) – however with the loss of 2 readers, it
is now at every 7 weeks.  Hopefully, we can add a few more readers to take
up the slack for our “regulars”.    

Note:  The church secretary informs
the reader of the Scripture to be read the week before for the volunteer to be
able to review.

One more thing:  If ANYONE would
like to volunteer for any of the other Sunday needs, please let the church
office know:  Opportunities are: Usher, Greeter, Scripture Readers,
Offering Counters, Children’s Church, Nursery.
The more volunteers, the
less work for everyone.  

Thank you and please be in prayer for our current
volunteers and for those who will be considering lending a hand.  If you
try something and find it doesn’t suit you, just let us know and you will not
be held to the task.  We appreciate any and all efforts.  

God Bless

6/17/2017 Support the Buddy Program

11/20/2015 Apple Butter for Sale

11/20/2015 Mobile Clothing Ministry


Thanks to all who have donated clothing and shoes for this ministry over the years.  There are many in need who have benefited from your kindness and the kindness of others who also contribute.  

At this time, we have a large amount of women's clothing and not enough space to take in more.  So, please hold up on women's clothing for a little while.

Thank you and God Bless,
Cindy Larrick

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