Batteries Included

It was back in the days before convenience stores that were open twenty four hours, seven days a week.  It was back in the days when there was no store open on Christmas. Johnnie had received a package from his uncle in New Mexico and it had been sitting under the Christmas tree for almost a week.  Now it was Christmas morning and Johnnie could hardly wait to see what was inside that package.  At last it was time for the family to gather around and for the children to open their brightly colored packages.  Johnnie’s mother had seen him eyeing the long box that her brother had sent, and she handed that one to Johnnie first.  Slowly (for Johnnie was neither greedy nor presumptuous), but with great anticipation, Johnnie loosened the ribbon, and freed the paper from its Scotch-taped manacles. The little boy’s eyes got as big as saucers as the outside of the box revealed that inside was a great big, shiny red fire truck!  Not just any fire truck, but a remote controlled hook and ladder truck!  


Quickly now (for although he wasn’t greedy, he surely was excited), Johnnie removed the new truck from the box and freed it from its packing material.  Johnnie found the remote control, and uncoiled the wire—for this was also years before radio control.  Johnnie pushed the button to make it go. But nothing happened.  Johnnie pushed another button, but with the same response. “Dad!” Johnnie called, “there’s something wrong.  My truck won’t go.”

Dad understood the problem right away.  He also knew there was nothing he could do about it—that day.  “Johnnie,” his dad said quietly, “let me see the remote control.”  All he had to do was feel its weight and he confirmed his that fire truck without the batteries.  It has the form of what it’s supposed to be.  It even has some of the substance of what it is supposed to be.  But it comes nowhere near the potential that it could be.  That peace, by itself, won’t have the power, won’t have the assurance, and won’t have the joy that it could have if it had its batteries.

But in the case of God’s peace, the battery pack is the knowledge that you are living the life to which God has called you.  It is that knowledge that affords you a true lasting peace, a peace that will get you through the hard times, and will get you through the hard times that your spouse, or your parents, or your children, or your brothers and sisters have to go through.  That is the peace that can see you through life’s most difficult trials and troubles, whether it’s illness, or financial setback, or family troubles, or whatever it might be.  And the only way you have to get that battery pack for your peace is by living according to God’s covenant—by receiving Jesus Christ as Lord as well as Savior.  The only way you can have that peace is by opening yourself to the movement of the Spirit of the Christ in your soul, and turning your life over to Christ, and wanting to live a life free of sin and full of service.  That’s when your peace will have the power to really pay off for you.  It will have the power to come alive—just like Johnnie’s fire truck, and it will have the power to be all it can be!

This Christmas, don’t settle for a momentary shallow peace.  Receive Jesus Christ into your life.  Answer his invitation to a covenant relationship and receive a true lasting peace that will stay with you throughout the new year and all of the new years to come!  You’ll have the Merriest Christmas that you’ve ever had.