We're open for In-person and Online Worship Services
every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. 
In accordance with the order from the Bishop of the Virginia Annual Conference, beginning on June 21, 2020, all churches can return to in-person worship if they comply with physical distancing requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, having proper physical distancing in the narthex, sanctuary, parking lot, and the fellowship hall. This means that the pew/chair in front of each person is empty and the pew/chair behind each person is empty so there is at least six feet between all people. Besides the distancing requirements, all other in-person worship requirements must be met and practiced by the local church.
We`ll provide in-person and online service together every Sunday. If you want to attend the in-person service, you must register at least four days before the service. You need to complete the Health Acknowledgement Form, and submit the online registration by Thursday every week. If you can not use the internet to register online, please mail your health form or call the church office for help. If you do not have email or online registration, you can call the church and ask to complete the form.
Online registration:
Call the Church Office: 540-662-1269 (9:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m. Mon. & Thurs.)
  • Before you leave your home to attend the service, each attendee must: take his/her temperature. It must be less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit to attend worship. 
  • Bring your face covering and hand sanitizer.
  • Those who have registered to attend Sunday's service should arrive at church by 9:40 a.m. on Sunday and park your car. Do not park next to another vehicle. Leave an empty parking space on both sides of your car.
  • Come to the narthex door wearing your mask and maintain a social distance of six feet from others. If other people are in front of you, please stand at the social distance markers that will be along the way.
  • At the entrance to the narthex door, check your fever with an usher again and follow the social distance marks to enter the sanctuary. 
  • Before you enter the Sanctuary please place your offering in the plate. Please keep your social distance and drop-off the offering before the service begins.
  • Following the direction of an usher, you can sit in the pew with your family. Please do not sit on the pews marked with blue tape when sitting in the sanctuary.
  • At the end of the service, following the direction of an usher, you can slowly exit through the hallway of the church office to the Daycare door with the social distance marks. Please keep wearing your mask until you return to your vehicle to go home.
  • If you are sick, please stay home and you can attend the online Sunday worship service through Facebook live and ZOOM meeting (phone calls only, no video). Online ZOOM meeting (Every week Same ID: 4861906813 / and Same PW: 22656(ZIP))
Special notes:
Restrooms will be very limited. Only one person can use it at a time.
Strict physical distancing – 6 feet or more at all times
Hymnals, Bibles, and all worship materials will not be available in print
We will provide a digital bulletin (to view on your phone) & the video presentation with words for the worship elements
No choirs but music is encouraged
No singing – including Congregation but humming or speaking the words is fine
No children under 7, No childcare, No nursery or children’s time, No Sunday School
No coffee or fellowship time
No handshakes or hugging
While we know it may seem that there are quite a few restrictions, it is necessary for us to proceed with an abundance of caution and respect for the well being of one another. We pray that this first phase of reopening brings joy to each of you, and by following all of the guidelines we will be able to open for more and more opportunities in no time. We look forward to seeing you soon!

                                                        Yours in Christ's Love,
                                                        The Congregation of EUMC