Welcome to EUMC
        Join us for our weekly worship service every
Sunday at 10:00 a.m.
We are currently hosting our services only online
through Facebook and ZOOM 
During this time of COVID restrictions, we invite you to join us in giving thanks for the blessings of modern technologies that make it possible for us to come together safely each week to worship the Lord. Now more than ever, we are called to be a faithful family of Christ, to pray for our ailing neighbors, friends, and family, and to make a positive impact that can help inspire healing in our nation. Let us not become complacent in our daily endeavors for it is easy to allow the modern social ills to take over our thinking. Instead, commit to stand strong, and be the beacon of light for others to follow. Join us each Sunday to renew your spirit, and grow in Christian values that can sustain you in troubled times.
If you are hesitant about how to join on Facebook Live or ZOOM, please contact the church office. We will be happy to help guide you on how to remain connected with the congregation.
May Christ's love be a blessing in your life today,
Emmanuel UMC