Dear Emmanuel Family, 

We are now entering the gates of summer, where the green tints are thick. Beautiful Mother Nature has not only given us beauty but also hard times. We've been having a hard time for the past 4 months. Viruses are always around us. I hope all of our church members and their families stay healthy and always be careful.
Under the order of the Bishop of the Virginia Conference, we reopened the church on June 21. We, Emmanuel, reopened adhering to the rules of the Conference. Even though we reopened the church doors, many members still choose to attend online service from home. I think, now, we are practicing to return to a healthy church. We should have time to restore faith and trust. God commands us to love God and to love our neighbors. It is a very important act of believers who love God that we come to the place of worship for worshipping God. Also, I believe that it is important to follow the rule that must be kept during the pandemic in order to show our love for one another. We still have a lot of restrictions. I want to sing praise to our heart's content, hug each other, shake hands, and welcome each other. I want to drink coffee and share food together. Children want to participate in VBS and learn the word of God. However, we have to begin to sail in the New Normal era. We must learn how to love God, and neighbors under the New Normal era.
Satan whispers in our hearts and deceives us. Satan likes the church divided by internal conflicts.
Friends! Please, remember! Faith wins, and love wins. I hope that we can live a life of loving God and loving our neighbors with one mind under any circumstances. The virus will continue to be around us this summer, but don't be disappointed. I hope you can spend an enjoyable time with your family and close friends this summer. Now, I'm going out to light the charcoal grill for Chanmi and Grace, too.
I bless you to get full of God's great love, joy, and gratitude during this summer season.
In Christ,
Pastor Kang