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Serving God by Sharing His Love and Word to cultivate disciples of Jesus Christ.

EUMC’s Mission Statement


Emmanuel United Methodist Church is located two miles north of Interstate 81 exit 317, at the intersection of Martinsburg Pike (Route 11) and Stephenson Road in Stephenson, VA. We have a very active church family. We have many ministries, missions, events, and community partnerships. Dress on Sunday mornings with whatever you feel comfortable in. Dress ranges from shirts and ties and dresses to jeans and shorts. There are activities and service opportunities for children, youth, and up. What we all have in common is our love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the desire to share that same love with all we come in contact with. Come and try us out, come spend a Sunday with us. We would love to have you join our church family!

Average Worship Attendence70
Languages Spoken in WorshipEnglish
Fast stats! The church is fully accessible for all disabilities.

Church History

To relate the history of our church, we should refer back to a period of time prior to the organization and construction of the original church here. The following is a brief account of this history.

In 1771 a group of people from the surrounding countryside organized and erected a church known as the Milburn Church or Chapel as some called it. A family of that name donated the land for it. This land was part of what is now known as the Harry McCann farm, just southeast of here on McCann Lane. This was the main road leading to Winchester at the time. The church was non-denominational and served for the various faiths of the community until the Civil War. The church was partly destroyed and discontinued as a church after the war.

In 1887 our church was organized by some of those who had attended the Milburn Church. That same year the original church building was constructed on land deeded to the church by Mr. John S. and W. Roy Stephenson. It was a one-room building, constructed of wood, with some from the Milburn Church ruins. The pulpit was on the east end in an outset. It was set forth in the deed for the land that the church be named Emmanuel Southern Methodist Episcopal.

During the years 1901 to 1904 a group of Presbyterians held services here in the afternoon, the Methodist meetings in the mornings, and at night. In 1904 the Presbyterians constructed a church building at Clear Brook, Virginia, known as the Clear Brook Presbyterian Church. Notes have been found showing the offering from April 1900 to January 1901 totaled $12.31 with an April Yard Party clearing a total of $1.89. The 1900 Sunday School classes were named Beatitudes, Band of Hope, Christian Workers, Willing Workers, Little Angels, and Armor Bearers with membership totaling 82 on roll.