The Pastor’s Desk

A compilation of messages sent out by our Pastor.

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Last week, on a sunny day, I drove to visit a church member’s home. After a nice meeting, we passed an orchard on our way back. White apple flowers were in full bloom on hundreds of apple trees. I was a child growing up in a city, so I have never been to visit an apple farm. It was my first time to see the apple blossoms. It was as beautiful as the cherry blossoms blooming in the churchyard every spring. I have learned something while living in Virginia for the third year. Those are two signs that the real spring has come to Virginia. The first is that we have reached Easter Sunday, and the second is that the apple blossoms bloomed.

We’ve been going through the long tunnel of pandemic from early spring last year until now. We  have lost beloved family members, and some have lost their jobs. We couldn’t meet with loved ones, and we didn’t have a good time. However, the good news is that the vaccine is spreading, and its effectiveness is showing. It is a big change. To keep pace with these changes, the Virginia Conference and Methodist Church are preparing a new normal. This time, all Methodist churches belonging to the Virginia Conference are preparing to set up church according to the new normal by forming a Post-COVID Re-entry Group (PRG) for each church.

First of all, hymn singing inside, which had been limited so far, has been eased. Each church can sing about two hymns indoor during worship. However, wearing a mask and social distancing should continue to be maintained. Emmanuel UMC has a plan to carry out a new mission ministry according to the new normal situation. That is the beginning of the Food Pantry Ministry. Our church will start the Food Pantry Ministry on May 10th. I look forward to sharing love and support with our neighbors through this church ministry.

In addition, the Free Community Meal Ministry is scheduled to be reopened. I look forward to helping more neighbors regain strength through the church ministry. I want to express my gratitude to those responsible for their dedication to the church’s ministry, and I ask for more church members to join in the ministry of the church together. Although the church had difficulties due to the pandemic, I believe that the church and congregation will stand stronger with unwavering faith.

May God’s great grace be with the congregation and all families.

At the beginning of the new normal era,


May 2021