The Pastor’s Desk

A compilation of messages sent out by our Pastor.

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Happy Spring! I pray that you enjoy warmer weather, longer days, and the beauty of God’s creation springing up all around you. Here at Emmanuel, we are thankful for the continued blessings that God is pouring out and how we see our church family come together. I hope you are taking the opportunity to be engaged in worship, whether it’s in the building or online, and allowing yourself to be moved by God’s Word, as we in our series, The Lord’s Prayer, where we are learning about how to pray, and what to pray.

The season of Lent is an important time for all Christians. This is because it is a period of reflecting on oneself, faith, confessing, and repenting more deeply than ever during the year. “Born Again Christian” means a life of abandoning the old form and living in a new form. “Born Again Christian” changes in life and behavior must begin with changes in the soul. If the soul does not change and tries to change only your actions by the law, your heart will be filled with only religious self-righteousness. Have a love for your neighbor in your heart! Have a love for other races! Have unconditional love for brothers and sisters of faith! The life of a disciple that Jesus teaches us through the Bible. I hope you throw away all of the religious self-righteousness you have built up. Come before the Lord in truth and purity. If it is difficult, ask the Holy Spirit for help. The Holy Spirit will help you.

We have many meetings and worship services this Holy Week and Easter Sunday. We will gather to remember our Lord, Jesus, on Maundy Thursday, the Passion Friday, and Easter Sunday morning. We have the traditional Easter Sunday Sun Rise service and Pancake breakfast. And our choir is preparing a beautiful Easter special Music. After Easter Sunday, we have a soup challenge on April 24th. after the service. Please, join the soup challenge with your Traditional Home Soup Recipe. I invite you to our meetings and worship services. Brothers and Sisters! Let’s welcome the risen our Lord, Christ, together. 

The Christ is risen! Indeed! 

At Emmanuel Parsonage,

Pastor San.